Unique Leather Gifts Ideas

With your 3rd anniversary approaching, it seems like a lifetime away when you got married. The past 3 years have passed very quickly. By the 3rd year, the honeymoon period usually loses its lustre. It doesn’t mean that the good times must go away.

Celebrating 3rd anniversary could be an opportunity for extending the post-wedding glow a bit longer. Plan something special for your spouse to show what they mean to you in your life.

Over the past few years, you would have accomplished a lot together but take the day to reminiscence all the wonderful moments. Celebrate the day by choosing a unique leather gift for the third anniversary for him or her.

Leather is traditionally used in 3rd-anniversary gifts because of its strength and flexibility. This denotes the qualities required for the marriage to work while its protection and warmth helps in keeping each other safe and secure.

15 Lovely leather wedding anniversary gift ideas-

1. Leather flat ballets

Giving a pair of Tieks flats could be one of the best options. Your spouse might not have got a chance to wear them on the big day, so give her a chance to wear one now.

These are made of the finest Italian leather and takes 3 days and over 150 steps to make one pair. It is the perfect leather flats that can be worn all day comfortably.

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2. Leather earrings

Most of the women don’t expect the earrings to be made of leather. Yet, they can be used to make beautiful and enchanting pieces of jewellery. Many shops make quality leather earrings with simple to complex design that is eye-catchy at the same time.

If you are looking for something rustier, then choose classic brown leather in simpler patterns that show off the natural grain of the leather. If you want a bolder look, then go for multi-coloured leather options or mixed with metals like gold. There is a wide range of options to choose from, so look for something that your partner would love.

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3. Leather pouf

Is your spouse an interior lover? Then a gift of leather ottoman’s growing up could be the best comforting companion for her feet.

This distinctive Moroccan leather pouf gives the perfect finishing touch and completes the room with a global inspiration look. It comes in a variety of colours, styles and sizes that can match with the décor of your house.

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4. Designer leather handbag

From Michael Kors, Coach and Kate Spade to Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff, you can browse all the big brands to find the best leather gift ideas for her. One of the most prominent items of these brands is leather handbags. The leather handbags are not only a practical choice but functional as well.

A shopping trip becomes more satisfying with a new purse every day. Choosing to buy luxury designer handbag can be a big surprise for your loved ones. These coveted dream designer handbag will blow her out of the water.

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Spend a little extra and splurge on the dream leather handbag, especially on the 3rd-anniversary.

5. Leather gloves/jacket

Gloves are an irreplaceable piece of clothing in winters. A good pair of gloves is not only a great gift but lifesaver in most situations. Keep your partner’s hand warm in style with artfully crafted leather gloves.

Many gloves are made keeping smartphones and tablet screens in mind, to allow tapping on and interacting with screens without the need to remove them. While they are available in many colours and styles, give preference to classic black or brown as they are trendy these days.

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While choosing this unique leather gifts for the third anniversary for her, look for quality and strength of the materials that last for a life-long.

6. Leather paddle

When you think of a leather paddle, do sexy toys come in mind? Three years of marriage is the best time to spice things up in the bedroom. This leather gift is suitable for both him and her.

It is made of genuine leather. This sexy spanking paddle will not only lead to exciting things in the bedroom but will also bring back the missing spark in your life.

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7. Leather journal or notebook

Write down the moments and time you spend with your spouse. Fill it page to page with possibilities and opportunities.

Giving a blank notebook could be the best gift for the one who is an avid writer. Thus, spice up your relationship with the attractive leather-bound model.

Leather journals or notebook looks appealing as they come in a variety of styles, size, binds, price and more. Out of all the options, this one will surely match with sensibilities of your partner.

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8. Bracelets for couples

This could be the best leather wedding anniversary gift for him or her as it will remind them of you always. The bracelets give the level of symbolic commitment to one another.

It does not look fashionable and amazing but is quite different from rings which aren’t preferred by most couples. This can be worn every day, giving a constant reminder of your love for them.

With a wide variety of styles and personalisation options, choose the one that makes your partner feel loved.

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9. Leather belt

Whether it’s him or her, everybody needs a belt. While most settle for the ones that look classy, choose a high-quality leather belt which is functional, glamorous and makes your partner feel special.

Belts are not only useful for pulling up the pants but can be used to pull an entire look together. Whatever the outfit or style is, a beautiful leather belt in the centre can make the dress look amazing.

This is the practical and easiest way to accessorize and she would be touched by your gesture.

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10. Leather necklace

Leather is an excellent material for a necklace to be used as the cord, the pendant or even both. These beautiful pieces are sturdy and comfortable to wear that looks subtle when around the neck.

It comes in a lot of different designs that can be worn anytime and all-day long. The leather malleable can be cut into any sort of patterns, thus, giving an option for different styles.

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11. Manicure and pedicure nail kit

It is important to keep nails healthy and stylish too. The nail kit packaging must look appealing and eye-catchy. A leather manicure and pedicure nail kit is the best way to organise essential personal grooming tools.

This is one of the best leather gift ideas for her as they look to replace the tools for nail trimming. It also comes with a level of personalization such as printing the recipient’s name on the front of the case.

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12. Case for tablets

Tablets also need the covers or cases just like phones, to add protection as well as little style to them as well. A leather tablet case serves both the purposes effectively.

Just like a traditional case, there are a lot of ways to customize or personalise a leather case. This will add an individual flair to them and make your anniversary gift special and unique.

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13. Mouse pad

One would not expect a mouse pad made of leather material, but it is the best choice for the people who want something simpler. Leather is extremely soft and pliable, thus, pleasant to touch.

The smooth exterior makes a perfect surface for the mouse to move across without any issue. If your partner spends a good amount of time on the computer, then choose leather mouse pad. It features a wrist rest, an easy way to care for their hands.

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14. Engraved leather photograph print

If a picture can speak a thousand words, what message does leather would send? The rustic engraved leather photograph print not only looks classy but also enhances the room décor.

This features a carved wooden stand with a beautiful piece of leather at the centre. The photo is engraved directly into the material. It is the best choice for couples who want to give an elegant appearance to their romantic photograph.

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15. Personalised flask cover

This customised leather flask cover is the perfect gift for your partner if he/she has fine spirits taste or just like having a drink from time to time.

It is made from hand-stitched leather and etched with a personal message or name, thus, giving a classy look to the flask. The cover protects the flask from outside from scratches and dents, increasing the flask’s longevity in the process.

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3rd anniversary is an important milestone in married life. You might feel the freshness of “married just now” being replaced by the dullness of daily life. Gifting something special to your partner on anniversary keeps the spark and magic alive between both of you.

While every couple wants to show their love and appreciation to their partner through gifts, shopping for them can be hard, if they have a peculiar taste. If you have an idea of where to start, finding something unique and special becomes easier.

If you aren’t sure what to gift him/her, try out the above list of unique leather gifts for the third anniversary that will not only melt your spouse’s heart but will also ensure that you don’t spend the night in the doghouse.